I operate two servers, ganos and moros, in 2 distinct data centers in the US (one in Dallas/AS3722 and the other in Raleigh/AS13647).

  • FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE
  • Great connectivity (Cogent, Level3, TW)
  • Native IPv6

I offer this sort of hosting for enthusiasts and geeks. If you're a consulting customer, your stuff is already running on my servers!

Powered by FreeBSD

Application and Web Hosting

I offer small-scale application and web hosting packages. If I'm doing software development for you, odds are your code is running on at least one of my servers.

For other folks that just need a host or a shell account without the overhead of the one-size-fits-all (or cookie-cutter) providers, I can help.

To give you an idea of what I do; for my clients, I presently host (or have hosted):

If you think I can help you, drop me a line »